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The Waystation - March 2023

Green Tara, Space Saviour

Hello, everyone!

How is everyone doing?

As we move into the end of the first quarter of 2024, we're still focusing on the Mara Roast.

We have already booked the place for the closed teachings, and the three public venues for the more open ones. We'll also cover my University!

It will be a great gathering; already we're more than double what we were last year...and it's on Argentina!

We will shortly post start and end times for all the activities.

For those new, our useful links are:

Our Structure – i.e. where we talk about our maps, systems and how to practice:

Meanwhile, we have a very busy month here.

As always, please mind the requirements.

  1. Sat, Mar 02 | Virtual Event Open to all - Yogacara - Lankavatara Sutra -

  2. Sat, Mar 02 | Zoom Open for All: Bodhisattva Beatblast! - March 2024 -

  3. Sat, Mar 09 | Zoom P1+: Mahacundi Empowerment -

  4. Sat, Mar 16 | Zoom Open for all fundraiser: Buddha Nagaraja empowerment -

  5. Sat, Mar 23 | Zoom Open for All: King Suchandra Guru Yoga + Introduction to Shambhala -

  6. Sat, Mar 23 | Zoom Open & free for all: Neck Pouch Vajrakilaya Major empowerment -

  7. Sat, Mar 30 | Zoom Open for All - Urban Nirvana: Achieving Emotional Agility in the Concrete Jungle -

We have been getting request of another run for P-1. If you're interested, please sign up here:

Thank you and may March brings relief from sorrow!

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