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Practices for the Dead

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On the Process of Dying and the Death Bardo

In June 2022, Lama Dorje Sherab gave a profound teaching on the process and nature of dying in Buddhism.

Wisdom of the Hour of Death

Lama Dorje Sherab's transmission and commentary of The Noble Mahāyāna Sūtra “Wisdom at the Hour of Death”.

Sutric Practices for the Dead

Lama Dorje Sherab's transmissions of 4 prayers that can be done to help the deceased go to the pureland of Sukhavati with a final sutric dream yoga of Amitabha by Sakya Pandita. You need to have taken refuge previously in order to receive the teaching and do these practices.

1. The King of Aspiration Prayers
2. Merit Transference

3. Sukhāvatī Aspiration Prayer

4. Heart of the Mahāyāna Path

5. Meditation on Amitabha

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