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Our Mission

What Do We Do?
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The Tantric Revolutionary Center (TRC) is a Rime Vajrayana Buddhist sangha that aims to bring the Buddhadharma to all beings with no exceptions. A Buddha leaves no one behind after all. With compassion and bodhicitta as our compass, we transmit tantric teachings systematically through modern means to benefit beings across the world.

What Makes Us Different?

Samaya is the lifeblood of our lineage and kula. We strictly follow the historical instructions given by Padmasambhava: Every Vajrayana empowerment given must include all three elements of abhishek, agama and upadesha. Detailed explanations of the origin of a practice and how to practice the sadhana as well as a copy of the sadhana are always given along with the empowerment. If you put in the work you will be able to receive further instructions for the four activities after completing the required mantra accumulation. No student will come away from an empowerment feeling lost as to how to proceed, support and guidance will always be available.

Our Sorcerous Approach

While the buddhas teach wisdom and compassion, they also teach skillful means to improve the lives of beings – and one such method is sorcery. Buddhism is full of sorcerous and mystical practices that help us overturn samsara. We believe that sorcerous activities are not ancillary to the pursuit of liberation, but co-emergent. Both arise at one, as a single attainment, with different methods reflected within them.

Why Do We Practice?

We practice to lead all beings to liberation and overturn worldly suffering through the compassionate and skillful practice of sorcery. We want to see any many Vidyadharas/Mahasiddhas arise in this lifetime as possible. Beings all over the world live in poverty, illness, discrimination and violence – and it is our mission as buddhas-in-training to bring healing and peace. We see social injustice, suffering and oppression as sites of struggle that we transform through our practice.

Our Community

Photo: Dana being offered to Lama Sherab at Mara Roast 2022

Our founding lamas are Lama Dorje Sherab and Lama Federico Andino. You may read more about them and our origin here, and about our newly ordained lamas here. We are an international sangha with members all over the world, from Canada to Argentina, from Europe to Asia to Australia, thanks to online connectivity.

The TRC is radically inclusive. We are proud to welcome people of all nationalities, ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, sexual orientations and gender identifications. We view our members’ identities, histories and social positions as sources of strength and pride.

How May I Participate?

We offer a path system to suit different needs, you can check it out here.

We also offer monthly workshops on a variety of topics such as sutric teachings and tantric deity yoga. Subscribe to our monthly newsletters to learn more about the workshops we have offered.

Finally, we also have events that are free and completely open to the public, you can check find out more here.

Financial status is never an obstacle to receiving teachings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.

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