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According to the Lamrim Chenmo, a qualified Guru should possess these qualities: being disciplined, serene, and thoroughly pacified, having good qualities that surpass those of the students, the wealth of knowledge from studying many scriptures and thorough knowledge of reality, these are all good qualities obtained for oneself. The remaining qualities of being energetic, having skill in instruction, possessing loving concern and abandoning dispiritedness are the good qualities for looking after others.

Through our Lama training program, it is our aim to identify potential teachers who possess those qualities and help them ripen their capacity to enrich the world with Dharma.

Celeste Palavecino

Lama Celeste Palavecino

My motivation in the Dharma was inspired when I met Khenpo Pema Wandak, of the Sakya lineage, from whom I received my first empowerments. I am a student of Buddhism in the Rimé tradition with Lama Dorje Sherab and Lama Fede Andino.

I run the practice "Upadesha of the Vow of Tara", to collaborate from Buddhism against gender violence.
I also teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes and was trained by Viswanath M.S. (“Masterji”) in Mysore, India.

Professionally, I work as a Physical Education teacher with children and I did a master's research at UNLP with the thesis "The journey of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga from East to West: the emergence of the body in practice". My object of study is the body, and the body read within social, cultural and historical practices. I also develop my teaching task in the area of  Sexual Education.

I really like the mountains. I rescue street dogs. I live in Patagonia

Lama Jillian Narayan

Founder of Beyond Gone Books, author and doctoral candidate Jillian Narayan is a student of Lama Dorje Sherab and Lama Fede Andino.

Jillian is the founder of the American Renaissance Research and Field Trip Society, and also has many recordings as a musician.


Jillian founded the non-profit Taino Sol Books, to record sacred stories and teach in the indigenous community.

She is an avid gamer and dungeon master, and loves to dance.

Joshua Proto

Lama Joshua Proto

Joshua Proto (he/they) is a student of the Rime tradition under Lama Dorje Sherab and Lama Fede Andino and also serves on the Board of Trustees for the TRC.

Joshua also studies Newar Buddhism with Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya at Nrityamandala Mahavihara in Portland, Oregon where Josh is a temple singer and dancer. In 2022 Joshua made a pilgrimage to many of Nepal’s sacred Buddhist sites in and around the Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini where he had the opportunity to further immerse himself in the many facets of Newar Buddhist practice.

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