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Part 1 Intro Course to Buddhism


The P-1 course is our entry teaching focused on building a solid foundation in Buddhism for the students. After P-1, you can opt to continue with our 1.5 year long P-2 course in which you will be initatied into the sealed tradition of Vajrayana and study its sorcerous activities in depth which can further lead to advanced paths such as lama training or ngakpa training et cetra.

Our main instructor Lama Federico Andino has over 20 years of teaching experiences and was, for many of those years, the resident teacher of a traditional tibetan institution in Argentina. He has since then left that tradition to cofound the TRC with Lama Dorje Sherab, a profound scholar of the Rime traditions who received his teacher authorization from Namkhai Norbu and who will give the guru yoga empowerments at the end of the course.

We also have a self paced study book Cat Buddhism with a similar curriculum for people who prefer to learn Buddhism without making a commitment.

Course Length: 3 months

Cost: $27 per month or $81 total

Course Format: Biweekly written material, live Zoom class every Friday at 8pm EST and Q&A session.

Course Highlights:

​​​​• Meditation techniques
​• Basic refuge prayer and ritual
​• Core concepts of Buddhism
​• Guru yogas

​• Dedidated subreddit study group

​• Shenanigans

To get on the waiting list for our next cohort that starts in mid-2024:

Testimonials from past graduates

Miguel Angel Vila Arias

What did P-1 help you with?

Gave me more tools to understand the ways of meditation and gave me tools to understand the 4 seals, the importance of the relationship between Guru and Student, its importance in this travel to enlightenment and also the importance of the Sangha as partners in this enterprise 

Eulysses Neil Patrick E.

How would you review the P-1 course?

The P-1 course is a very substantial and power-packed introduction to Buddhism, especially for those inclined in the Vajrayana path! The course provided me solid fundamentals for my spiritual practice to become a more insightful, loving, and skillful human being! I definitely recommend the course to aspiring Buddhists or serious spiritual truth-seekers!

What did P-1 help you with?

P-1 helped me understand the Buddha-Dharma teachings in a Vajrayana x Boddhisattva perspective. Concepts such as The Four Seals, Bodhichitta, and Shunyata were tackled in a balance manner (i.e. both theoretical and experiential aspects). It also gave me a greater appreciation of The Buddha-Dharma and The Right View as well!

How would you describe the training?

If practiced to the letter, the training is intense! The lessons are solid fundamental tools which are necessary for any Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner. Moreover, the training can help one become more compassionate, insightful, and empowered person (aka Bodhisattva in training). Lastly, I loved how the lessons and practices can be easily revisited from time to time if one is heavily pre-occupied with Samsaric demands. 

Eric Cowan

How would you review the P-1 course?

Having been a part of the TSU classes for several years, I was instantly drawn to this particular course, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision. This course shed light on fundamental concepts that might have evaded me in more intricate courses. The P-1 course provides a profound exploration into the heart of Tibetan Buddhism, facilitated by a seasoned instructor renowned for their unparalleled communication skills. Upon concluding this enlightening journey, I found myself equipped with a formidable foundation, paving the way for a smooth transition to P-2.
How would you describe the training?

The course methodically delves into the philosophical underpinnings, rituals, and historical context of this unique form of Buddhism. Through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on practice sessions, participants are immersed in the core teachings and practices. Each module is carefully crafted to not only impart knowledge but also to foster personal introspection and spiritual growth. Additionally, the experienced instructor bridges ancient wisdom with contemporary relevance, making the teachings more accessible and applicable to our daily lives. By the end of the course, participants are not only well-versed in the theory but also empowered to integrate these teachings into their daily practices and life's journey.

Carl Thompson

How would you review the P-1 course?

I loved the P-1 course. It was a precious opportunity to study with the Lamas and get to know their teaching style. I especially found the teachings on emptiness helpful, as I struggled with for years. I loved how the course finished with the Guru Yoga of the Lamas, that felt like a precious gift! 

What did P-1 help you with?

P-1 helped me solidify some concepts that I had been struggling with--- namely emptiness. Similarly, before the course I thought I understood Bodhicitta. During the course, I found I misunderstood the entirety of Bodhicitta--- I feel like P-1 fixed that misunderstanding.

How would you describe the training?

If I were to describe it, I would describe P-1 as a study of concepts integrated with practice. Maybe it was a bit too fast? For me, I had been studying for a while, so P-1 felt like a nice review of fundamentals. Perhaps future cohorts should be slowed down for people who are totally new? Thinking of myself, if I were completely new, I would prefer for P-1 to be around a year, maybe 6 months. That way there is more opportunity for everyone to realize the benefit of having the Guru as a guide.

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