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Lama Federico Andino, author of Kinky Buddhism and Cat Buddhism, is one of the directors of Tantric Revolutionary Center and was for 20 years a teacher in a traditional Tibetan institution, which he left to cofound the TRC with Lama Sherab.

Lama Fede is also a Buddhologist and the tenured professor of Tibetan Buddhism at the Universidad del Salvador, Escuela de Estudios Orientales where he works as a researcher. He resides in Buenos Aires.

Federico Andino


Kinky Buddhism: Or How to Understand Buddhism and the Guru-Disciple relationship

In the hushed corridors of spirituality, where enlightenment is pursued through serene meditation and profound contemplation, an unexplored realm beckons, shrouded in intrigue, sensuality, and liberation. Welcome to the world of "Kinky Buddhism." and the second book in the Tantric Revolutionary Center series of introductions to Buddhism.

While the term may initially raise an eyebrow or provoke a sly smile, this book delves far deeper than mere titillation. It unearths a hidden facet of Buddhism, one that marries the ancient wisdom of the East with the provocative allure of the unconventional. It offers a path to transcendence that challenges conventional notions of spirituality, encouraging seekers to explore the depths of their desires and embrace the uncharted territories of their innermost selves.

Kinky Buddhism is not an endorsement of hedonism or the reckless pursuit of pleasure. Instead, it is a reflection on how the relationships in Buddhism in general and Vajrayana in particular are based on asymmetries of power and why is this.

In this book, we will embark on a journey that explores the profound intersections of Buddhism and kink. We will unravel the paradoxes, confront the taboos, and reveal the transformative potential that arises when the two seemingly divergent worlds converge.

At its core, Kinky Buddhism is about empowerment. It is about recognizing that our enjoyments, when approached with mindfulness and consent, can be powerful agents of healing and self-discovery that takes place with one's Guru.

Kinky Buddhism
Cat Buddhism: A Purr-fect Introduction to Buddhist Principles

Discover the wisdom of Buddhism and the charm of adorable felines in "Cat Buddhism: A Purr-fect Introduction to Buddhist Principles." This delightful and heartwarming book is designed to guide beginners on their spiritual journey with the help of endearing cat illustrations.

In "Cat Buddhism," you'll explore the core teachings of Buddhism, such as the Four Seals, the path of Meditation and Bodhicitta. The book combines profound Buddhist wisdom with captivating images of cute cats, making it an enjoyable and accessible read.

Each chapter of "Cat Buddhism" introduces a new aspect of the Buddhist philosophy and practice, accompanied by delightful illustrations of cats. The simple yet profound messages are sure to resonate with both cat lovers and spiritual seekers alike.

Whether you are new to Buddhism or simply looking for a fresh perspective, let Lama Fede teach you his "Cat Buddhism" that offers a unique and heartwarming approach to understanding this ancient path. As you turn the pages, you'll be inspired by the gentle wisdom of the Buddha and the playful antics of the cats that bring these teachings to life.

Embark on a spiritual journey like no other and let the cute cats of "Cat Buddhism" guide you to inner peace, harmony, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Cat Buddhism
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