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Our Teaching Structure

The Path System

The TRC adopts a path system in delivering Buddhist teaching to suit the different needs of beings.


Casual Browsing

Casual cover.jpg

New visitors can check out our group activities, introductory books to Buddhism, podcasts, sutric transmission recordings and familiarize themselves with the basics of Buddhism without making a commitment.


Visitors can also join our virtual public group activities on Youtube livestream to get to know our teachers and kula.

Bodhisattva Beat Blast - Monthly virtual get together with meditation practices
Nirvana Overdrive - Quarterly virtual get together chuck full of teachings


Cat Buddhism - A self paced study book on the basics of Buddhism
Kinky Buddhism - An explanation on why guru devotion is so integral to Vajr

Free Sutric Transmissions

Five Masks - A mind training to transform the five poisons by Lama Sherab

Jewel Lamp - Transmission and commentary by Lama Sherab on a great work about Bodhicitta
Sutric Transmissions - Transm
issions by Lama Sherab of sutric prayers



Kitty Buddha
- A podcast focused on telling
the stories of Mahasiddhas


Sutric Workshops

Sutric workshops that are open to the public for paid digital downloads, check them out here.

One-off Empowerments

Vajrayana altar

Photo: Altar from Mara Roast 2022

From time to time, we will give free or paid empowerments of gateway deities with the basic samaya of bodhicitta that are open to the public whether they have no prior training or are currently in the P-1 course. For complete newbies, it is recommended that they enroll in the P-1 course after the empowerment to fully take advantage of the immense potential of Buddhism, especially Vajrayana if they continue on to P-2 after graduation from P-1.

Studying With TRC

P-1 Introduction to Buddhism Course
P-1 cover.jpg

This is a 3 month long course during which you will learn the refuge prayer, basic meditation, the four noble truths and the concept of emptiness. At the end of the course you will receive empowerments for two guru yogas which establish a samaya bond. At this point you will have entered the courtyard of Vajrayana and received the samaya of always keeping bodhicitta. You can also opt to take the bodhisattva vows and ask for a refuge name. This will officially make you a Buddhist. After graduation, you will receive an invitation to our Discord server which serves as an online Gompa where you can hang out with fellow students and ask questions in a dedicated weekly questions channel and Lama Sherab will run a live Zoom session every Wednesday afternoon to answer them.

P-2 Introduction to Tantra Course
P-2 cover.jpg

Upon graduating from the P-1 course, you can opt to continue with the 1.5 year long P-2 course during which you will receive empowerments for two forms of Vajrasattva and one form of Vajrakilaya and learn how to perform basic rituals and sorcerous activities in Vajrayana. You will be committed to the path, keeping samaya and strengthening the guru/student relationship. We also have annual physical meetups called the Mara Roast around the world that you can join at this level.

P-3 In-depth Study

Our P-3 course is comparable to a PhD in Vajrayana, depending on what the gurus have observed of your karmic proclivity at this point, each student will receive individualized in depth training in the particular cycle(s) of tantras that will become their life's focus. No two person is alike, the gurus will work closely with each student. The training could take several years.

Ngakpa & Lama

After finishing the training in P-3, you are well on your way to receive final trainings to become either a Ngakpa (a certified tantric sorcerer) or an ordained Lama or even both if you choose to.

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