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The Waystation - November 2023


This is a month in which a lot of things happen.

We should be slowing down, closing down the year, but at this time, we’re accelerating.

The main dish of our tasty November treats are the teaching of Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya in Argentina. Newari Buddhism and Dance is almost unknown here, so it’s an historical occasion. We have a page dedicated to his visit at

We will continue to have the rest of our activities, but this will be the focus of this month.


· P1-C7 is on its second month

· P2-C1 is midway through the Vajrakilaya practices

· P2-C2 has the major empowerment of Vajrakilaya in the 11th and 12th.

Our Special activities for this month are:

· 11/4: At some point in the night, in Lhabab Duchen, we’ll have a surprise activity! Keep looking out to our Youtube & Facebook!

· 11/5: We have two activities:

o 2pm EST: Join us for the practices of the Bodhisattva Beatblast, an open gathering for meditating together! You can do it via our Youtube & Facebook

o 3pm EST: Squeaky Clean – a teaching on Chapter 36th of the Aṣṭādaśasāhasrikāprajñāpāramitā. You can sign up for this here.

· 11/10: 9pm EST - Lama Fede will teach the “Song of debate between Dream and Awakening” of Mipham Rimpoche at the Mexican Sangha Girando la Rueda del Dharma. This is open and free, you can watch the teaching here.

· 11/11:

o 2pm EST: Lama Sherab will teach the “108 names of Ksatigarbha”, a sorcerous teaching about that popular Bodhisattva. You can sign up for the teaching here.

o 4pm EST: I (Lama Fede) will give the major empowerment of Vajrakilaya Vulture Feather to the P2-C2 participants.

· 11/12: 4pm EST - second day of the Vajrakilaya empowerment.

· 11/17: 9 pm EST- Lama Sherab will teach “A prayer to stop wars” to the Mexican Sangha Girando la Rueda del Dharma. This is open and free, you can watch the teaching here.

· 11/18: 2pm EST – Lama Sherab will teach the Guruyoga of Haribadra and a special teaching on his Compendium of Yoga. You can sign up here

· 11/22: This is the start of the visit by Guru Prajwal. Remember that you can find more details and sign up here. You can participate both in-person and via streaming.

o 11/22: Talk and demonstration at the Universidad del Salvador

o 11/23: Talk and demonstration at Fundación Los Cedros

o 11/24: Dance Workshop at Durgama

o 11/25: Padmanantesvhara empowerment at Durgama

o 11/26: Talk and demonstration at City of La Plata

And we have a special activity for the 2nd of December that we’ll soon publish!

Remember that we have our social media pages:

And of course, our Facebook Group.

Tiers and support

For those of you who are new, what are those P-s and T-s that we’re talking about?

P-s are the different levels of Paths that we have. Those are:

· P-1 is Intro to Buddhism. If you’re new to the Buddhadharma or Tibetan Buddhism, you should start at this point.

· P-2 is general Vajrayana. You learn Three deities, the four activities and all the rituals that you will need, from Ganacakras to specific Pujas.

· P-3 is advanced Vajrayana. You focus on completion-stage practice and yogas like Tummo and Dream Yoga. After P-3, you can choose to specialize as a ritualist (ngapka/ma) or go beyond and get in Lama training.

We have a video outlining the Path structure here.

So when we say a workshop is P-2+, we mean that is for people who already have the basis of Buddhism down (i.e. people who completed P-1) and are working at a tantric level. Same with P-1+ or P-3+. Open for all means just that. Anyone can come.

T-s are Tiers of monthly support. Sadly, as we live in a capitalist system, it takes time, work, and money to keep producing teachings. The translation, formatting, zoom, transcription services, etc. are costs that pile up constantly. So, in order to be able to keep this level of teachings going, we ask for your support in a variety of ways:

· T-1 is the full support. This allows us to produce everything that we do. Also, this enables you to take everything that we do in a month (that you have the P-level for). Workshops, empowerments, activities, P-levels: it includes all. The usual cost is $108 a month.

· T-2 Is the partial support. This also enables us to produce teachings. This covers only the P-levels (which, to be honest, is still a lot of work and bang for your buck), but if you want to take something else, like a Workshop, you can get it at a very discounted price. The usual cost is $27 per month.

· T-3 is work support. Right now, all slots are taken, but we’ll let you know if one opens.

If you want to…

…support T-1 for this month, you can click here

…set an automatic support for T-1, click here

…or do so via our shop

…support T-2 for this month, click here

…set an automatic support for T-2, click here

…or do so via our shop, click here

So that’s the general state of November. Next month: year’s close!

Sarva Mangalam!


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