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Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya

Guru Prajwal Vajracharya
South America Tour 2023

Dance as a Spiritual Practice

Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya from the Dance Mandal group will be traveling to Argentina and Chile with Lama Joshua Proto from the TRC this coming November to give vajra song and dance teachings from the Newar Charya Nritya lineage.

November 22 - 26, 2023
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program Highlights
• Charya Dance Performance
• Mudra, Gestures, and Ornaments Workshop
• Padmanateshvara Empowerment

All of the teachings will be in English/Spanish and livestreamed.


Charya Dance Performance

For the indigenous Buddhist Newar people of Nepal, the Vajrayana practice of Deity Yoga is not just limited to the mind of the practitioner, but is expressed through dance and song, known as Charya Nritya and Charya Giti. Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya , a 35th generation Newar Buddhist priest and spiritual director of Nrityamandala Mahavihara in Portland, Oregon, will perform a selection of Ritual Charya dances accompanied by the songs with his disciple Joshua Proto.


History of Newar Buddhist Tradition

The Newar people, indigenous to the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, adheres to a distinctive form of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. Their histories predated Buddha Shakyamuni and they have preserved the textual language of their practices in Sanskrit. Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya will offer an insightful overview of the historical origins, pivotal events, and contemporary practices of Newar Buddhism.


Mudra, Gestures, and Ornaments Workshop


Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya will give instruction on the exercises, hand gestures (mudras), and foundational dance patterns typical in the Nepalese tradition of Charya Dance, explaining how it relates to the Newar Buddhist practice. The Buddhist deities embody hand mudras for purity, power, wisdom and the practice begins with a traditional introduction of Mudra Yoga with the meaning and significance of each finger. Applying the appropriate gesture can heal  the organs, tissues, bones, and nerves of the body. We go on to consider the full body positions of the deities as Mudra, emulating the iconography in movement, breath, and stillness. Finally, we will practice the fundamental movement patterns and be introduced to the foundational Refuge Dance and 16 Offering Goddesses Dance.


The Importance of Daily Ritual in Newah Buddhism


Daily ritual plays a critical role in Newar Buddhism, a rich and ancient tradition indigenous to the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This talk delves into the intricate practices and ceremonies that punctuate the Newar Buddhist day. From dawn to dusk, these rituals not only reflect deep-seated beliefs but also fortify the community's connection to the Buddhadharma. Join Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya as he unravels the symbiotic relationship between daily routine and spiritual sustenance in Newar Buddhism.

Padmanateshvara Empowerment


In Newar Buddhism, the emphasis on Charya Nritya and Charya Giti, dancing and singing as a pathway to liberation for all beings is paramount. For those who follow this path, the special form of Avalokeshvara, Padmanateshvara, Lord of Song and Dance is considered the main deity of this practice. Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya will be offering this extremely rare empowerment of Padmanateshvara so that others can connect to the methods of Charya Nritya and Charya Gita.

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