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The Waystation - December 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

We should be resting, shouldn’t we?

Last month’s visit by Guru Prajwal was very busy. And yet, it is not in our nature to let things die down. So we’re closing this year tantra-style.

So, first, as always, the calendar of activities. But we have an announcement to make.

We revamped everything in the site (with the help of the inimitable Charme) and now, everything’s streamlined!

To sign up to anything, it’s all in one site. No more fiddling around with Paypal, no more “send me the mail, I signed up afterwards”.

The way around is very simple:

· 2-Where it says “log in” -> register a new user, or log in

· 3-Both in the landing page and here you will have the activities

· 4-To get a ticket is as easy on clicking on it. You will be given the option to support T-1, T-2 or get the ticket full price.

Alternatively, if you want to sign up to T-1 or T-2, you can do so here:

Now, you don’t have to do it every month. It runs on its own until you cancel it.

So everything should be a lot easier now!

(thank you, Charme!)


· P1-C7 is finishing

· P2-C1 is finishing the general cycle of Vajrakilaya

· P2-C2 has had the major empowerment of Vajrakilaya

Our Special activities for this month are (click on the link for more details):

· 12/2: Lama Sherab’s retreat of Lojong - (open for all)

· 12/8: Lama Fede’s teaching on the Words of Chandra - (open for all)

· 12/14: Lama Sherab’s teaching and Refuge Ceremony - (P1)

· 12/15: Lama Sherab’s teaching of the major Shitro Empowerment - (P-2+)

· 12/23: Lama Fede will teach “The Lord of Sorcery, Thunder and Fury” - (P-2+)

· 12/30: Open and free tantric party to close up the year! - (open for all)

Remember that we have our social media pages:

And of course, our Facebook Group.

One last thing: we’re getting ready for the next year’s big gathering: Mara Roast 2024: Roast harder, with a vengeance!

This will take place in Argentina, in 2024. Before we announce the dates, we need to work out who’s going to help in the organization. If you’d like to help out, please sign up here:

Do so before 12/10. We will have a call on the week of 12/11 to meet and set up dates and work to do.

Thank you and let’s burn 2023 to the ground!

Sarva Mangalam!


PS: For those of you that are new

For those of you who are new, what are those P-s that we’re talking about?

P-s are the different levels of Paths that we have. Those are:

· P-1 is Intro to Buddhism. If you’re new to the Buddhadharma or Tibetan Buddhism, you should start at this point.

· P-2 is general Vajrayana. You learn Three deities, the four activities and all the rituals that you will need, from Ganacakras to specific Pujas.

· P-3 is advanced Vajrayana. You focus on completion-stage practice and yogas like Tummo and Dream Yoga. After P-3, you can choose to specialize as a ritualist (ngapka/ma) or go beyond and get in Lama training.

We have a video outlining the Path structure here.

So when we say a workshop is P-2+, we mean that is for people who already have the basis of Buddhism down (i.e. people who completed P-1) and are working at a tantric level. Same with P-1+ or P-3+. Open for all means just that. Anyone can come.

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