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You! Yes, you! You can also participate in the Mara Roast!

Hello, everyone!

As you know, the #mararoast #2023 is nearing!

We’ll have three main activities that you can participate in, even if you’re not in Athens, GA.

Public Talk: The Buddhist Yogas of Dream & Awakening on May 29th - 1 to 3pm, EST

This will be both an open and public teaching. Anyone can watch. We'll try to stream it, in which case we'll send the link to watch it but since it is a public, open park we might not be able, in which case we'll record it and upload it as soon as we finish it.

This is both Open & Free.

Empowerment: The Secret Upadesha called The Cuckoo's Great Fest of the Eight Matrikas (Ashtamatrika Parapustamahotsava) on May 29th -4:30 - 7 pm, EST

This Upadesha (Pure Vision) secret teaching is part of the Journey to Oddishana Upadesha. It is the first time that it is being taught, as it deals with wrathful manifestations of powerful worldly spirits. It contains both their practice and a special practice to generate quick heat to use as both an offering and the base of inner fire.

This has several requirements, as it is neither Open nor Free. The restrictions are:

  • You must (of course) be Buddhist, i.e. having taking refuge and not holding wrong views.

  • You need to be at P-2 or equivalent.

  • You also need to have a karmic connection to the teaching and to the wrathful beings that are the Matrikas. If you sign up, we will do a Matrika divination for each participant. Please do not sign up unless you feel you do and can commit to this practice for a period. It is more work for us, in these last few days.

If you are up for it, we're asking for a donation of $54 to cover travel and other costs (like the new speaker, the place we're streaming out of, etc). Please do not sign up unless you think you can handle the commitment. The Matrikas themselves are both worldly and wrathful and the secret protectors of the practice even more so. These practices are for serious practitioners.

Empowerment: for long life on May 31st, 5pm EST

This is an empowerment which both plants the seeds of healing and long life, as well as a celebration of our Kula. We'll mark the end of the teaching of the Konchok Chidu with this teaching and empowerment.

This is Open to everyone but not Free: we're asking for a donation of $27 to cover costs. But if you don't have it and you need it (i.e. you're sick, or do you have someone in your close family that is) please let us know and come all the same.

(T-1 people will have everything covered, as always. T-2 and T-3, we'd like to ask you to contribute, in this occasion, to cover the costs)

The form to Sign up to all of this is here:

(please fill it before 5/26)

See you very, very soon!


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