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Waystation May 2023

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Waystation for April 2023!

This is our monthly newsletter, talking about our progress towards the land of Shambhala.

We use this for communication on three main levels:

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala.

2-To let you know about the upcoming activities.

3-To discuss any major rituals or issue that impacts the whole Kula.

Also, we will gently remind you of the ways you can support us.

So let’s dive right in!

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala

It’s roastin’ time!

Yes! The Seventh Seal is broken. Loki is free and Ragnarok is coming. The next Star Wars won’t suck.

The End of the World has arrived.

Because it’s roasting time.

Yes, the world that had us never coming together and roasting Mara is ending, and the one where we dine on his tender meat is being born.

(dibs on the thighs!)

Next year, we’ll do an Argentinan Anihilation Puja and everyone’s invited, but at the end of this month, you’ll find me in Athens, Georgia. We’ll have empowerments, practice together and roast beings whose given name start with Pap and ends with iyas.

Of course, we’ll do a lot more. But expect this month to be roast heavy.

2-Upcoming activities

As always, general meetings (Wednesday Guru Hours, the different practice groups, P-2 practice led by Ericsson, etc) will keep happening. But, we will have:

  • Sutric teaching: Lama Fede will teach a Sutra which deals on Manjushri and the path, called Gayāśīrṣa Hill, Sat.5/6 at 3pm EST.

  • Drikung Phowa teaching witht the empowerment of Amitabha: Lama Sherab will bestow this incredible teaching on Saturday 5/13 at 3pm EST.

  • Healing workshop with Orgyen Menla: Lama Sherab will teach healing techniques of Orgyen Menla, Guru Padmasambhava as the Medicine Buddha, at Saturday 5/20 at 3pm EST.

3-Major rituals and/or Issues

Did we mention the roast?

We’ll have both open (and streamed) teachings at the Roast, teachings with level requirement and closed teachings. The closed teachings require you to be there in person.

  • Open Teachings: Public Talk “The Buddhist Yogas of Dream & Awakening” at the Sandy Creek Pavillion. May 29th + Long life Empowerment: May 31th.

  • P-2 Required Teachings: Empowerment of the Secret Upadesha called Ashtamatrika Parapustamahotsava or the Cuckoo’s great feast of the eight Matrikas: May 29th.

  • Closed Teachings: Konchok Chidu, a secret Nyithing teaching from Jatson Nyingpo.

How to support the Dharma teachings

As always, you can help us through the Tier system.

But there’s news!

We’ve set up an automated system, so you can register and don’t worry about monthly payments. There’s a new button to subscribe automatically in each of the tiers.

T-1 Monthly support (everything is paid up)

T2-Upasaka (reduced support + discount for workshops)

Monthly support

T3-Dharmakara (no financial support, credit by work basis)

At this moment, the current credit rate is 10 hours = 1 credit.

You can exchange 1 credit for one workshop or one session of a long-form course. Remember that we will track commitment and those who do not complete their commitment will not be eligible for further T-3 work. If you’d rather not, you can buy the courses and workshops full price.

You can sign up for this T-3 here by writing to us at

May the path to Shambhala opens quickly for you!

In Dharma


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