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Vasudhara, the Mother of Wealth

Greetings Kula,

The Drikung lineage of the Dagpo Kagyu has produced countless incredible Mahasiddhas. One of the greatest was known as Vidhyadhara Dharmakirti, known in Tibetan as Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa.

This incredible master not only helped the Sarma and Nyingma and taught in a Rime way long before this word arose, but he himself was a great Terton and Visionary. We are fortunate to have his short and long lineages in our Kula. One of these Pure Vision cycles is centered around Vasudhara, the Great Mother of Wealth, called “The Cluster of Jewel Grains.”

This is a five-deity mandala that includes Vasudhara as a Dakini, as well as four special forms of Dzambhala. We would like to offer an in-depth course on Her practice.

You will receive her empowerment and all the practices of this cycle, including many kinds of sorceries and practices to dissolve all the objects of poverty for yourself and others. This cycle will take five months to complete, and though it is possible, there is no guarantee I will teach it again. That depends on how many will practice it seriously.

We would like to offer this course to our T-1 students. We value your support of us each month, and it enables us to create quality courses like this. So if you’re a T-1 student, you don’t have to do anything but sign up here before July 4th:

If you’re not T-1, please consider becoming one; we need your support to sustain the Kula and create more material for teachings and empowerments. If you’d like to attend, but there is something major blocking your ability to support, please write to us and we’ll find a way.

This empowement will take place on Thursday July 6th at 8PM EST. The Mandala will remain open for 24 hours.

Q & A will take place live monthly, after a practice session together. This will be recorded. Lessons will released about every two weeks.

I look forward to seeing you all within the gates of the storehouse of treasures!

Sarva Mangalam!

-Lama Sherab

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