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The Waystation - September 2023

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the Waystation!

What a month August was. But things are getting heated towards the end of the year.

We’ll keep the activites that we have, but before I unload the whole calendar, some very specific new things you might want to know:

· We’re in the process of finalizing two books! Yes, two more books will be added very soon. One has a launch date already, with a free and open empowerment added to it on 9/23: Kinky Buddhism.

· We’re also have an announcement to make: we have formally invited Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, a teacher of Nepali Buddhism and Dance to tour South America and he has accepted! He will be accompanied by Lama Josh and we’ll have activities on Chile & Argentina in November!


The following are ongoing activities and courses:

· P-2 C-1, now deep in the study of Vajrakilaya

· P-2 C-2, doing the practices of Vajrasattva

· If you’re new to Buddhism, P-1: Intro to Buddhism start on October! This is a great opportunity to get the basics of meditation and ritual practice down. In English & Spanish

· Every Sunday at 8pm EST there’s CinemaDharma. So far the movies have been selected on a week to week basis, so I cannot provide an advanced program, but the next one is the documentary Rivers & Tides about the natural artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Also, this month there is:

· Sat 9/3 2pm EST: Bodhisattva BeatBlast #3

· As every month, I’ll be offering a free and open session of practice with techniques suitable for everyone; you don’t even need to be a Buddhist! We’ll focus on the basics of Mindfulness and we’ll practice together. In English & Spanish. It is both open and free.

· To sign up, please do so here

· Sat 9/6 9pm EST: P-2 C-2: Empowerment of Heruka Vajrasattva

· For those of you that are in the second Cohort of P-2, we’ll have the empowerment for Heruka Vajrasattva on Weds 9/6 at 9pm EST. You don’t need to sign up, since it’s only for members of that cohort.

· Fri 9/8 9pm EST: Lama Cele’s teaching on CAPAC Veracruz: Mind Training

· Lama Cele will continue to teach about Mind Training for the Mexican Group “Girando la Rueda del Dharma”. This will take place in Spanish.

· Since it’s an external site, please go to to participate

· Sat 9/9 2pm EST: Purifiying (is) for chumps – An explanation of Chapter 18 of the Prajñaparamita In 10.000 stanzas

· Pure, impure. Healthy, toxic. Spiritual, non-spiritual. How often do we fall in the trap of dualism? In this teaching, the Buddha teaches Subhuti how to avoid this subtle obstacle to enlightenment.

· To sign up, please do so here

· Sat 9/16 2pm EST: The Guru Sadhana of Dilgo Khyentse

· One of the greatest masters of the 20th century, the Guru Sadhana of Dilgo Khyentse is a masterwork of the genre. Lama Sherab will kindly give the empowerment and transmission of it.

· To sign up, please do so here

· Fri 9/22 9pm EST: Teachings to the Mexican Sangha – The Four Noble Truths

· Lama Sherab will continue to teach at Girando la Rueda del Dharma Mexico. He Will teach the text called “The Four Noble Truths” from Dodrupchen Rinpoche. This is a free and open session to all. In English & Spanish.

· Since it’s an external site, please go to to participate

· Sat 9/23 2pm EST: Akshobhya Buddha’s empowerment and Kinky Buddhism book launch

· The Buddha Akshobhya is the lord of the Vajra Kula, the deity that most wrathful deities learn from. His empowerment is a major blessing, designed to help you truly understand the power of Samaya. Thus, Lama Sherab will bless us with his empowerment in the same day that we launch our next book, Kinky Buddhism, about the relationships between Guru and Students in the Vajrayana. This is both open and free.

· To sign up, please do so here

· Sun 9/24 2pm EST: Special Fundraiser: Saraswati with blessings and Vajrapani Bhutadamara

· Guru Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya is the first nepali Guru to teach openly the ancient style of Newari Buddhism in the west. We are delighted that he accepted our offer to tour South America. This is an historical opportunity to participate in the spreading of Dharma. We will let you know of the activities (that we will stream) but we need to raise funds for his trip.

· In order to do so, we will do two special empowerments:

  • Lama Sherab will do an empowerment of Sera Khandro’s Saraswati, patron of the arts with a special blessing for creative types.

  • I will give an empowerment of Vajrapani Bhutadamara, a deity specialized on binding spirits.

  • To sign up, please do so here

· Sat 9/30 2pm EST: Special empowerment for the LGBTQI+ community - Ucchusuma

  • In this world that’s becoming more reactionary, the LGBTQI+ community is under-represented in the Buddhadharma. Some time ago, the Upadesha of the Fields of Mara arose, in relationship with Shambhala to protect members of that community. I will give the empowerment of Ucchusuma from that Upadesha. This is an open and free activity.

  • To sign up, please do so here

Of course, if you’re in the know within the Sun Wukong group, you know what’s coming also.

Tiers and support

For those of you who are new, what are those P-s and T-s that we’re talking about?

P-s are the different levels of Paths that we have. Those are:

· P-1 is Intro to Buddhism. If you’re new to the Buddhadharma or Tibetan Buddhism, you should start at this point.

· P-2 is general Vajrayana. You learn Three deities, the four activities and all the rituals that you will need, from Ganacakras to specific Pujas.

· P-3 is advanced Vajrayana. You focus on completion-stage practice and yogas like Tummo and Dream Yoga. After P-3, you can choose to specialize as a ritualist (ngapka/ma) or go beyond and get in Lama training.

So when we say a workshop is P-2+, we mean that is for people who already have the basis of Buddhism down (i.e. people who completed P-1) and are working at a tantric level. Same with P-1+ or P-3+. Open for all means just that. Anyone can come.

T-s are Tiers of monthly support. Sadly, as we live in a capitalist system, it takes time, work, and money to keep producing teachings. The translation, formatting, zoom,, etc. are costs that pile up constantly. So, in order to be able to keep this level of teachings going, we ask for your support in a variety of ways:

· T-1 is the full support. This allows us to produce everything that we do. Also, this enables you to take everything that we do in a month (that you have the P-level for). Workshops, empowerments, activities, P-levels: it includes all. Usual cost is $108 a month.

· T-2 Is the partial support. This also enable us to produce teachings. This covers only the P-levels (which, to be honest, is still a lot of work and bang for your buck), but if you want to take something else, like a Workshop, you can get it at a very discounted price. Usual cost is $27 per month.

· T-3 is work support. Right now, all slots are taken, but we’ll let you know if one opens.

If you want to…

…support T-1 for this month, you can click here

…set an automatic support for T-1, click here

…or do so via our shop

…support T-2 for this month, click here

…set an automatic support for T-2, click here

…or do so via our shop, click here

So that’s the general state of September. Next month: The Overdrive!

Sarva Mangalam!


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