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The Waystation - June 2023

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the lateness of this. I’ve just come back from #MaraRoast2023, the second Mara Roast and the first time we met most of you who came.





For Lama Sherab and me it was an incredible experience; full of love, happiness and sharing the Dharma, feeling Bodhicitta grow. We humbly thank you, for the bottom of our hearts for those who participated, both online and offline. And for those of you who haven’t been able...we have the new place for #MaraRoast2024 !

Yes, we’ve been talking and we’ve decided that Argentina is a great place for the second #MaraRoast, especifically Buenos Aires. We’ve just have to settle on a date, so we’re having a survey with possible ones. To vote which one will be better for you, click here:

(We will finalize the date in July, 2023, so you have time until then)

Our idea is to make this once-a-year gatherings in a three-year carousel: once in the US, once in Argentina and once in a place we’ve never been before (#India is on the running list, as well as #Indonesia and #Botswana for 2025) so everyone can plan and come.

While we’ve always worked online, there’s something to be said to meet in person and share a space for practice. So start planning and we’ll talk again about #MaraRoast soon!

But we have loads of news to talk to you about. So this is going to be a very special waystation!


Our first cohort of Lamas have completed their training! Three of our practiioners have already graduated and we will be writing a bio of them soon. We’ll be moving into their fire puja and training on how to give empowerments very soon, but for now, please join me in congratulating Cele, Jilly & Josh!

You will see them starting to take more duties here, teaching the Dharma and giving empowerments. They have been incredible students, warm, humorous and exhuding Bodhicitta, qualities that we’re sure that will come through in their teaching style!

We hope that soon we will have more Lamas also graduating (there are more people in the teacher training) and we’ll be publishing a short bio of our new Lamas very soon!


We have several news about P-2. First of all, Cohort one is moving onto the main deity of that level, Vulture Feather Vajrakilaya. This is a major system of Vajrakilaya, one that requires a complex, two day major empowerment (called Wanchen in Tibetan). This major empowerment will take place in the 24th and 25th of June. If you’re in P-2/C-1 you will get signup instructions.

Also, we’re starting the second cohort (C-2) of P-2! This is the course in which we dive deeply into a family of tantric practices. This requires a Vajrasattva Empowerment, which will take place in the 10th. Remeber: only graduates for P-1 should apply (barring special circunstances, feel free to ask).

The empowerment will take place on 6/10 at 4pm EST

(Please sign up before 6/10)

Empowerment for this month

Lama Sherab will be giving the empowerment of Changchub Dorje’s Dark Garuda with special medicine mantras. This is a special empowerment, rarely given that uses the wrathful power of Buddha Dark Garuda to heal oneself and others. This will take place on the 17th. Sign up for it here:

The empowerment will take place on 6/17 at 4pm EST

(Please sign up before 6/15)

Sutra teachings – The Twelve Buddhas

On the 10th, I (Lama Fede) will be teaching about the The Twelve Buddhas’ Sutra, a Pureland practice. This is a beautiful practice, open to all, for you to generate the conditions to be reborn in the Buddhafield called “Full of Pearls” of the Buddha Maniraja.

To join in, please sign up here:

The empowerment will take place on 6/10 at 2pm EST

(Please sign up before 6/10)

New Course: Vasudhara, Mother of Wealth

We have a new course incoming! Vasudhara, the Mother of Wealth is a very little-known Buddha in the west but it is the main wealth Buddha of Nepal. Powerful and swift acting, she combines the attributes of Dzambhala and Tara. Lama Sherab will teach a months-long course on her, starting on July. To sign up for it, please go here:

Sign up before 6/28.

We still have a lot of activities that we have talked about, but I just wanted to not wait until we developed them more and have the Waystation delayed. You will know more later this month!

How to support the Dharma teachings

As always, you can help us through the Tier system.

But there’s news!

We’ve set up an automated system, so you can register and don’t worry about monthly payments. There’s a new button to subscribe automatically in each of the tiers.

T-1 Monthly support (everything is paid up)

To suscribe automatically, click here:

T2-Upasaka (reduced support + discount for workshops)

Monthly support

To suscribe automatically, click here:

T3-Dharmakara (no financial support, credit by work basis)

At this moment, the current credit rate is 10 hours = 1 credit.

You can exchange 1 credit for one workshop or one session of a long-form course. Remember that we will track commitment and those who do not complete their commitment will not be eligible for further T-3 work. If you’d rather not, you can buy the courses and workshops full price.

You can sign up for this T-3 here by writing to us at

This has been an incredible month for us, and we hope that for you also.

In Dharma

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