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The Waystation - January 2024

Hello, everyone!

Happy new year!

May this new year finds us all in Shambhala!

What a beginning, right? Things ended in 2023 as intense as they come.

To start the year with the right foot forward, we have a slew of activities, but as a way to make everything easier, I’ve compiled a couple of links that new members can find useful:

·         You can always see the upcoming activities in our homepage:

·         What is Vajrayana?:

·         WTF is Tantra?:

·         Our Mission:

·         Our Structure – i.e. where we talk about our maps, systems and how to practice:


To sign up to anything, it’s all on one site. No more fiddling around with Paypal, no more “send me the mail, I signed up afterwards”.

The way around is very simple:

· 2-Where it says “log in” -> register a new user, or log in

· 3-Both in the landing page and here you will have the activities

· 4-To get a ticket is as easy on clicking on it. You will be given the option to support T-1, T-2 or get the ticket full price.

Alternatively, if you want to sign up to T-1 or T-2, you can do so here:

Remember that we have our social media pages:

And of course, our Facebook Group.


Our Special Activities this month (please mind the requirements):

·         OPEN TO ALL - P-1: Introduction to Buddhism retreat day – Sat 6th

o   This is our Intro course, which lays the foundation for practice of everything we do. We’ll go a little bit experimental, in this one; we’ll do it in a retreat setting. If you want to start practicing beyong the open for all level, take this opportunity since we won’t open another until mid-year!

·         P2+ Required - Crazy Fucker Guru Yoga - The Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje empowerment – Sat 13th

o   Following our Yoga for Magical Murderhobos, it’s Do Khytense! The Wild Child of the Nyingma, this sword-waving emanation of Jigme Linga packs a punch

·         P1+ Required - Tara: The Mother of Sorcery and Liberation – Sun 14th

o   This yearlong course focuses on the Suryagupta lineage of the 21 Taras, the oldest and most magical of them. This is a complete system of 22 empowerments and teachings about sorcery.

·         Open for all - The Great NIRVANA OVERDRIVE – Sat 20th

o   Our Quarterly Gathering, in all its glory

·         Open for all - Sutra Studies - Intro to Yogacara – Sat 20th

o   Besides the Madhyamika, few schools have impacted Buddhism in general and the Mahayana as the Yogachara school. This year we’ll focus on its teachings and Sutras. To that end, we’ll start the year with a general teaching that will focus on its history and core concepts.

·         P1+ Required - Sun Wukong the Monkey King + Transformation mantras

o   The Monkey King. Son Goku. The greatest, best and the original. The Spotlight Stealing Squad Leader in all his glory. We’ll reopen the Mandala of Buddha Yuddhajaya. Since there have been new parts of the Upadesha available, those people who already are committed to the Monkey King can re-take the empowerment freely to gain the new mantras!


And besides this workshops and teachings, we’ll be also adding more, so stay tuned!

Have a great beginning to the year!





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