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The Waystation - January 2023 - English

Hello everyone! Happy 2023!!!

Welcome to the Waystation!

This is our monthly newsletter, talking about our progress towards the land of Shambhala.

We use this for communication on three main levels:

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala.

2-To let you know about the upcoming activities.

3-To discuss any major rituals or issue that impacts the whole Kula.

Also, we will gently remind you of the ways you can support us.

So let’s dive right in!

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala

How has 2022 shaped up? We have not only created our first level of the Paths (P-2), but we also have our first graduates.

Those who started the 1st Cohort back in October and have finished both the practice, taken vows, and the exam are the first P-1 graduates ever. Congrats!

Meanwhile, Cohort 2 is graduating at the end of this month and Cohort 3 is starting…so it’s shaping up to be a very interesting year. And yes… Path-2 is now available. Since it’s more involved and complex than P-1, we will soon record a video with the possibles shapes it can take.

2-Upcoming activities

  • This month, we have several activities for the Kula:

  • The 1st’s graduation party!

  • The graduation of the 2nd.

  • The 3rd’s start.

  • An empowerment on Vajravidharani, the Buddha that helps purify vows on Sat 1/14th.

  • And last, a teaching on the Avikalpapraveśadhāraṇī, The Dharani of the Light of Nonconceptuality on Sat 1/21th.

3-Major rituals and/or Issues

This is a time of starting new practices and gathering energy for the year!

Lama Sherab has just finished empowering the elemental amulets, but we will also release a prayer for the Protector’s blessing, to destroy obstacles.

As a general rule, this is a time to pray to Tara.

How to support the Dharma teachings

This 2023 we will offer a very discounted Cakravartin and Upasaka tier system if you commit to the entire year. We will still offer monthly and standalone options, as well as the Dharmakara option of exchange via work.

T1-Cakravartin (full access to everything)

Yearlong discounted support ($300 discount):

Monthly support

T2-Upasaka (reduced support + discount for workshops)

Yearly Support (us$60 discount)

Monthly support

T3-Dharmakara (no financial support, credit by work basis)

At this moment, the current credit rate is 10 hours = 1 credit.

You can exchange 1 credit for one workshop or one session of a long-form course. Remember that we will track commitment and those who do not complete their commitment will not be eligible for further T-3 work. If you’d rather not, you can buy the courses and workshops full price.

You can sign up for this T-3 here:

That is all for now. I hope to find you in the Path and work with you on the liberation of all beings!

In Dharma


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