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The Waystation - February 2024

Hello, everyone!

How is everyone doing?

As we near Losar, the Tibetan new year, we’re accelerating towards our Gathering:


Mara Roast 2024 – 5/30 through 6/6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina


We will teach several major teachings


·      Ghantapa’s Chakrasamvara and the Five Yogas: this is a major system of Heruka Chakrasamvara with a lot of emphasis on Completion Stage Yoga. Probably the origin of the Naropa-oriented practice fo the Six Yogas with Chakrasamvara.

·      The Empowerment of Yeshe Tsogyal: Queen of Dakinis, Vajravarahi herself, this powerful female Guru & Sorceress is a great practice for any follower of the Path.

·      Red Saraswati, deity of Art & Intelligence: we’ll teach the practice of Saraswati from the Zhurka Gyatsa, which helps with divinations, study & arts.

·      A special teaching on Tummo: Inner heat is one of those things that, once you know it, re-signifies your practice. This retreat will focus on you getting the first experience of it.

·      Public talks on meditation: so everyone can join and learn.

·      A secret empowerment, for close students: If you’re one, you know what’s coming.



Remember that you can always see the upcoming activities in our homepage:


Useful links:

Our Structure – i.e. where we talk about our maps, systems and how to practice:


 To sign up to anything:

Where it says “log in” -> register a new user, or log in

Both in the landing page and here you will have the activities

To get a ticket is as easy on clicking on it. You will be given the option to support T-1, T-2 or get the ticket full price.



Alternatively, if you want to sign up to T-1 or T-2, you can do so here:

Our Special events (Please mind the requirements) are:

As a special opportunity, due to several messages, we're trying to decide if we'll do one more turn of P-1 this month. Sign up here if you're interested:

Happy Losar to you all!

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