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The Waystation - February 2023

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Waystation!

Oh, boy, did the year start off intense.

This is our monthly newsletter, talking about our progress towards the land of Shambhala.

We use this for communication on three main levels:

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala.

2-To let you know about the upcoming activities.

3-To discuss any major rituals or issue that impacts the whole Kula.

Also, we will gently remind you of the ways you can support us.

So let’s dive right in!

1-The direction of the struggle towards Shambhala

We’re off to a running start of the year.

Last month, we had for the first time to split the Third cohort since we had so many sign-ups that we felt unable to work with them. They will start this month of February, on Friday the 10th.

We started P-2, as we had promised we would. This means that now there are several cohorts learning at the same time. Reddit’s proven it’s worth keeping the level of communication to manageable.

So we’re going to go a little further. As always, for us, go big or go home. So you’ll see that this month not only we’re having a Losar celebration, but many, many new things. And strap on for March!

2-Upcoming activities

Due to vacation and travel schedule, we have a lot of things to cover in a small space of time.

  • The IV cohort of P-1 starts this Friday, Feb.10th

  • On Feb.11th I’ll teach the Ratnakoti Sutra, The Sutra of the Infinite Jewels. This is a very treasured sutra used to increase wealth, happiness and health for the coming year.

  • Feb.12th’s a… complex day. First, for all of those of you that have gained the authorization, we will have the Secret Wukong permission to practice and staff blessing. We restricted this and those of you who know that you can take it can take it.

  • But for those of you who would engage with the Monkey King, after that (restricted) empowerment, we will have the general blessings of the Monkey King!

  • On the 16th, Lama Sherab will give the Blessing of the Uncommon Triple Wheel. This has a very interesting empowerment associated with it, but I don’t want to jump the gun. I can only say that it opens 13 doors.

  • On the 21th, we’ll have our Losar Celebration! Everyone’s invited!

3-Major rituals and/or Issues

As the year draws to a close, it is recommeded that the days before the end of the year (the 15th through the 20th) are days for reflection. I would do nothing with the expectation to gain wisdom, health, or enjoyment.

It’s a great time for curses and liberation, though.

On the 21th, say the Ratnakoti and any other blockage-destroying practice like Tara!

How to support the Dharma teachings

As always, you can help us through the Tier system:

T-1 Monthly support (everything is paid up)

T2-Upasaka (reduced support + discount for workshops)

Monthly support

T3-Dharmakara (no financial support, credit by work basis)

At this moment, the current credit rate is 10 hours = 1 credit.

You can exchange 1 credit for one workshop or one session of a long-form course. Remember that we will track commitment and those who do not complete their commitment will not be eligible for further T-3 work. If you’d rather not, you can buy the courses and workshops full price.

You can sign up for this T-3 here by writing to us at

May we all see Shambhala in this new year of the Water Rabbit

In Dharma


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