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The Waystation - April 2024

Hello, everyone!

How is everyone doing?

We're two months out of the next Mara Roast and things are heating up!

We will shortly have sign up lists for those activities in-person and remote, but meanwhile, April's no fool, and it is packed to the brim with activities.

But first, as always..

For those new, our useful links are:

Our Structure – i.e. where we talk about our maps, systems and how to practice:

Meanwhile, we have a very busy month here.

Please mind the requirements.

  1. Saturday, April 6th Lama Sherab will give an empowerment in the whole 84 Mahasiddhas. You can sign up here:

  2. If you're a senior student, Lama Sherab will give a secret empowerment called "the gathering of sorcerers". If you are, go to the #senior-students channel in our Discord and you will find out when and where

  3. Saturday 13th I will give an open workshop on how to work magic with the Sutras, called "Spellbound by the Sutras". This is a continuation of our sutric Spellbook, giving a basic approach to Buddhist sorcery for those who are unwilling to commit to Samaya. You can sign up here:

  4. Also on Saturday 13th, I will teach the Avatamsaka from the Yogacara point of view. Sign up here!

  5. On Sunday the 14th, we will have the P-1: Intro to Buddhism retreat. This is especially good for new students so if you are new and want to start practicing in earneast, join up here:

  6. On Saturday 20th, I will host a special fundraising event for the Mara Roast and workshop about how to do the Four Fire Pujas. This is a special teaching, so if you qualify (more details in the post) join here:

  7. And finally, on Saturday 27th, we will have another open&free gathering of the NIRVANA OVERDRIVE!

As you can see, we have a lot of things going on. See you this April!


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