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Roadmap to Incorporation

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that we have incorporated!

Yes, the Tantric Revolutionary Center (TRC) is now an NGO, constituted in the state of Georgia, US.

Starting in October, we will have a series of changes that we think you will like:

  • We are implementing paths and tiers of practice. This means that, depending on your background, your progression path will be different.

  • The workshop structure will go away, save for special occasions. This August workshop will be the last of the publicly taught completion stage for a time, with September’s workshop being a special surprise, which requires you having done some work previously with us.

  • We will introduce event-style happenings in a year. Currently, there are two planned for September, as a test: the US-based Mara Roast and the Argentina-based Patagonian Annihilation Puja. These are the first trial runs for bigger events, including the Buddhist Conferences of November.

Currently, we’re thinking that October is a good, realistic date for the go-live of the first tier of the first path, with November being about the Buddhist Conferences and December the go live for the second path. We will keep you posted on our advances.

Thank you and will see you (hopefully) on Sunday!


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