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Sorcerous Services

The Four Activities for Everyday Life


Raising Lungta

If you are feeling out of sorts, losing sleep, various projects are failing or you are experiencing a general lack of energy and a downturn of circumstances, you may have an impairment of Lungta or the Lha of the body.

In this ritual, your lungta will be blessed and restored, and your protectors and deities of the body will be enlivened, increasing, luck, fortune and general energy.

55 USD - Set a session


If there is conflict in the home, environment, workplace, or generally anywhere we live our daily life, it can be difficult to function, and to build the life we wish to live.

A rite of pacification will restore the harmony of the five elements in the body, environment, or interpersonally, based on our individual situation.

90 USD - Set a session


Wealth Increase

Whether you are starting a new business, a new job, or wish to increase your stability or total earning potential, increase our wealth and our responsibility toward our resources is a vital step toward helping ourselves and others.

Following a short consultation, we will determine the best ritual to preform, from expanding the boundaries of your capacity, to overcoming spirits of poverty.

108 USD - Set a session


Sometimes we need the arrow of precision and skill to find, target and hook our goals and bring them to us.  This is the activity of enchantment, that moves whatever is needed under our sway.

Whatever your aim, we will bring it under your power, and within your grasp.*


90 USD - Set a session

*This does not include love magic to ensnare any person in a romantic way.  If that is your goal, work on yourself or go elsewhere.


Obstacle Subjugation

In Samsara, we are bound to encounter difficult obstacles.  Whether inner habits or outer collections of heavy circumstances, the Victors taught methods to dissolve these difficulties.

Together, through compassion and skill, we can undo the knots of misfortune.*

90 USD - Obstacle Subjugation

*This does not include cursing or liberative rites. 

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