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Special Empowerment of White Shangpa Mahakala

Hello everyone!

As you all are aware, we’ll do a puja on 3/25th, to empower all of us at the beginning of the year. To take part, please send us a list of the names of those people you want blessed via this form:

We have decided that we will do a White Mahakala Puja, since it combines several aspects that we feel they will come in handy in the year of the Hare:

  • Wealth and enrichment

  • Protection

  • Power

  • Obstacle-destroying

  • Bodhicitta

But then we have some question, from students, on how to do a puja like this. The problem with teaching that is the requirement of having an empowerment of White Mahakala from the secret Shangpa lineage.

So, for those who actually want to do the Puja, we’re going to add the empowerment of White Mahakala. We’ll do it on the 25th, at 2pm EST and we’ll probably do the Puja around 4pm EST, for one hour.

If you want to sign up to the empowerment (and the puja itself) please do so here:

Signup will close at 3/23, 00:00 EST

See you there!


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