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Mara Roast 2023 is Coming!

It seems strange, now, thinking of the start of the TRC.

This was a pre-pandemic world. A less complicated world.

We’ve started a years-long project with Lama Sherab: we would meet twice or thrice per week, and share empowerments, teachings, techniques. And at the end, we would meet: either I would travel to the US or Lama Sherab would come to Argentina.

Then, it was the year of the Iron Rat.

Corona came. We all scrambled to handle it. Our way of teaching, which usually relied on being in-person, had to be overhauled into a virtual one. We reformed, mutated, changed like everyone.

But these times are past times. This is the year of the Water Hare.

Last year, we already had two in-person meetings, at the same time. Mara was roasted in Florida, in the US while here we did the Patagonian Anihilation Puja. They were very good meetings, and we synced virtually.

But now the time has come to meet in person.

I, Lama Fede, will travel to the US at the end of May or the beginning of June. We’re still trying to find the perfect date. I’ll be staying at Athens, GA. We’ll do a couple of activities there: empowerment, teachings, but also we’ll just hang out and bond.

We have limited space for this. It will cost some money, depending on who we are, to pay for the costs (of travelling, of hiring a sizeable space if we need it, etc). So we want to get an idea of who is able and willing to come.

If you are one of those who wants to meet and learn some things that we cannot teach easily online, please sign up here.

Next week we’ll start talking to organize ourselves.

Thank you and see you soon!


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