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Going Beyond Concepts

Hello everyone!

This Saturday 1/21 at 1pm EST we will teach the Sutra Avikalpapraveśadhāraṇī, which deals with nonconceptuality and moving beyond duality.

This is a core sutra of the famous Yogachara (i.e. Yoga masters) school of Buddhism and it deals with a progressive set of meditations, based on a technical and conceptual framework that lead into nonduality.

This is a very advanced Yoga and we advice that if you have not yet dived into the Sutra study (and especially Yogacharic study) you put it off until you’re ready for it.

For those of you who want to learn it, the signup sheet is:

Please sign up before 00:00 am EST on Friday 1/20. I will send links on Friday.

Thank you and see you there!


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