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A Rain of Flowers

Sometimes, you find the most boring things, if you look for them.

Sometimes, the boredom finds you.

But there are people out there who will make anything boring. From sword fighting to summoning the Lovecraftian Elder Gods, there are people who can take any fun subject and make it exhausting to deal with.

Want to get drunk at the Ren Fest and claymore some douchebags? No, they will say. Start by learning three German, two Italian and one Spanish treatise about sword fighting. What, your German is rusty? I hope you’re not suggesting reading Talhoffer in English, you uncultured swine.

Need to awaken the Great Sleeping One? Sure, you might just sacrifice a goat and chant some gibberish, but wait, the gibberish has to be accurate. Are you a Derlethian? What’s your stance on Nodens?

People will argue endlessly about that. They create forums to fight, posting under false names because they think someone cares. They will have a string of debates for years before doing anything. And in matters of prosperity, this is 1000% magnified.

They will discuss the mundane things that you have to do: basic things like paying credit cards, having a stable source of income, etc. In time, they will spend more time discussing basic finance that rituals. And that’s fine: it works. You know what works as well? Being an accountant. Now, I love accountants. I work with accountants all the time. But if you want to become an accountant, why didn’t you go that way? Why are you here, reading about Secret Mantra?

Because you’re now looking to become an accountant, at least here. You signed up not to release the goat, nor to kill the goat, but to make sweet, sweet love to the goat until your thousand young fill the forest. You found the path of the Vidyadharas, like Kukkuripa and his dogs.

So, what do we do for prosperity? We bloody well whip up a storm of a ritual! So that’s what we’re going to do, this Saturday at 3pm EST. I’m going to teach Dechen Lingpa’s Rain of Flowers, an abbreviated ritual for creating prosperity.

This is a very portable ritual; you can do it with basically any deity of the mandala. We’ll cover both the ritual itself and the way to do some portable, nomadic wealth rituals and we’ll be off like thieves in the night.

If you want to sign up for it, here’s the link.

See you there!


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